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resistance loves company, part 1

for Episode 11 of New Dramatists’ In-Depth podcast series, i gathered around a table with fellow playwrights Antoinette Nwandu, Cori Thomas, Cate Yu, Liz Duffy Adams, and Gus Schulenburg to discuss responses to the new regime, and strategies for navigating the terrain; shout out to Connie Hall for the editing magic, among many other things.

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the opportunities of extinction: New Dramatists Creativity Fund Workshop

this week i’ve been able to hang out with the brilliance of actors Keilly McQuail, Amelia Workman, John Clarence Stewart, and Molly Carden, and of director Linsay Firman and stage manager Kate Hamilton, to explore a new play, The Opportunities of Extinction.

the workshop is funded by New Dramatists’ Jerry A. Tishman Playwrights’ Creativity Fund.