totally my jam: flops, failures, & fiascos 2/23 with the Civilians

flopsthe Civilians (whose R&D group I’m currently a member of) is throwing a cabaret next Tuesday, 2/23, around the theme of Flops, Failures, & Fiascos—a subject which, as the post heading already says, is totally my jam.

(some years ago, i wrote a play called the Failures Series; i also hosted a totally unrelated radio show called “The Failure Series”; and i once wrote & performed a solo show called about that whole dying thing (the failure series), which incorporated a fictionalized version of the nonfictional radio show, “the failure series.” (i eventually removed the parenthetical part of that title, ’cause, you know, judgment.) i just can’t get enough of failure as a rich and generative theme!)

my songwriter-actor-writer friend, Chris Larkin (of Carry Hatchet fame) and i collaborated on a song that will be part of the program.

but overall, i’m looking forward to the whole evening, and immersing myself in Failure.

more info here: